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The God I Wish You Knew

We have all encountered different thoughts about God. Some people think God is judgmental while others think He is forgiving. Some people see Him as angry while others see Him as peaceful. Still, others view God as unjust while others view Him as merciful.

We were all subjected to different ideas about God growing up that were shaped by what we heard, saw, or perhaps were taught.

Some may have been based on Scripture. Some may have been based on experiences. If we take the time to look carefully, we may find that some of our ideas of God don’t line up with the truth.

During The God I Wish You Knew, we will hear the stories of four people from Journey who have had radical experiences with God. We’ll line their stories up with Scriptures to discover together the truth of who God really is.

If you’ve had questions about God, we’d love to see you at Journey so we can tell you all about “The God I Wish You Knew.

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