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Everybody wants to be known for something. As kids, we would dream about making the game-winning play; singing on stage in front of sold-out arenas; starring in our own tv show, or saving the world in a box-office smash. The glitz and glam of fame cast a large net and it’s easy to get trapped by it. What if our life could be worth more than a few posts on social media and some random news clippings? What if the reason we were created was to be known, not just by people, but by someone? What if we were created to be fameless to make someone else famous?

Join us for our May teaching series: FAMELESS and discover who you were created to be. 


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We all have heroes. As kids, our heroes were usually athletes or comic book characters or movie stars. But as we get older, we find out that real heroes aren’t famous most times. They’re the people who saw greatness inside of us and then invested time to help us become the people we are today. They’re coaches. They’re teachers. They’re aunts and uncles, moms and dads. And now, we have the opportunity to honor and invest back into them during Hero Weekend.

Hero Weekend is May 28 & 29 at Journey. This is your chance to let your hero know how much they mean to you. The first step is to reach out to them and say thank you for investing into your life. The second step is to invite them to one of the Hero Weekend services at your campus. We’ll handle the rest from there. However, make sure you don’t wait too long — ask them soon and we’ll see you with your hero on May 28th or 29th at Hero Weekend.