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You Got Power!

Day 14 - The 40 - You Got Power

Scripture Reading: Luke 9:1-10

Yeah, let’s go. Let’s do this. Let’s go kick some tail! This might be the response a handful of us would have had as Jesus gathered the Twelve to go drive out demons, heal the sick, and cure diseases. But, for most of us, I think the real response would be: who, me?

Why is this? When Jesus says, “Go!” why do we respond with fear and a lack of faith? Why do we question whether He would really give us power and authority to bring heaven down to earth? Two reasons: we don’t know who we are and we don’t know who lives in us.

Jesus hits the second reason in verse two. He sends them out to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick. What is the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is the “rule” or reign of God. This means you have the greatest King living and dwelling inside of you. It’s no surprise, then, that you would be given the power to go and establish His Kingdom further.

Verse 6 says, “And they departed and went through the villages, preaching the Gospel and healing everywhere.” The Gospel is the Good News of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice for us. It’s telling others how Jesus has paid for our forgiveness.

This is what we have been called to do. We are to go out and use what we’ve been given to help others find freedom and forgiveness in Jesus.

So then how do we get past our fears and anxiety about sharing Jesus and His love? Jesus gave the antidote for that fear in Verse 3. “Take nothing for your journey neither staff, nor bag, nor money, nor clothing.”

In other words, get your mind off of yourself. Be willing to toss it all aside for King Jesus. Think of the needs of others more than yourself. Think of the sick, the hurting, and the lost. And if you do, His Kingdom will be revealed to you in ways you could never imagine.


  • Is Jesus King (Lord) in your life?
  • .In what simple way can you go out today and share God’s Kingdom? (Encourage, buy someone’s coffee, etc)
  • Be His hands and feet!

*Devotional contributed by Dave Lobas


O God of my Exodus,

Great was the joy of Israel’s sons, when Egypt died upon the shore,

Far great the joy

when the Redeemer’s foe lay crushed in the dust.

Jesus strides forth as the victor,

conqueror of death, hell, and all opposing might;

He bursts the bands of death,

tramples the powers of darkness down,

and lives for ever.

He, my gracious surety,

apprehended for payment of my debt,

comes forth from the prison house of the grave free,

and triumphant over sin, Satan, and death.

Prayer from The Valley of Vision



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